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that " America **, which they imagine as a
large single individual, planted the latter institu-
tion upon Europe and then deliberately shuffled
out of her responsibility for it, and they will
never think otherwise. And they think that
" America" kept out of the war to the very
limit of decency, overcharged us for munitions
that contributed to the common victory, and
made a grievance because the consequent debt
was not discharged. They talk like that while
Americans talk as if no English were killed
between 1914 and 1918 (we had 800,000 dead)
until the noble American conscripts came forward
to die for them (to the tune of about 50,000).
Savour for example even the title of Quincy
Howe's England expects emry American to ab his
Duty. It's the meanest of titles, but many
Americans seem to like it.
On my desk as I write is a pamphlet by a Mr
Robert Randall, nicely cyclostyled and got up,
which urges a common attack on the United
States as a solution of the problem of Europe.
No countries will ever feel united unless they
have a common enemy, and the natural common
enemy for Europe, it is declared, is the United
States. So to bring about the United States of
Europe we are to begin by denouncing the
Monroe doctrine. I believe in the honesty and